1) Real Innovation

How much time have you spent Innovating your business?

Most companies say zero…that is until we come in.

The key to Innovation is to make sure your innovating based on hot buttons…then your marketing and advertising becomes easy.

The first of the 3 Innovation Techniques is called Real Innovation. This is a 2 Step Process:

Step 1: Determine what your marketplace wants that nobody else is giving them?

Step 2 = Give it to them

Or to put it another way:

• What BENEFITS will somebody get out of your product or service?
• What BENEFITS does somebody want to get out of your product or service?
• BOOM! You just created an innovation!

The power of Innovation comes when you remove these limitations. Don’t be a naysayer.

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2) Added Services

The 2nd type of Innovation is added services. You add something to your product or service that increases the value of what you offer.

The Ultimate Business – What would the ultimate business do or offer the market? If your customers could have ANYTHING by waving a magic wand, what would it be?

The Guarantee – Can you implement a guarantee that gives people peace of mind when buying from you? Could you guarantee something that would make a difference?

Core Reason – What is the core reason why customers REALLY buy from you? What is the end result they are looking to get? What do your customers REALLY buy from you?

In the next Video we’ll discuss the third Innovation type…Exclusivity.

3) Exclusivity

People’s attention span is getting shorter. They don’t have the time to take in everything you do. You can grab their attention with your exclusive offering.

Is there a specific process you go through to deliver your product or service? You can put the name of your exclusive offer on all your marketing materials. Use names that promise results, benefits, and/or solutions.

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