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What is the most important element to growing your business?

It’s not the latest shiny marketing object.
It’s not running more ads.
It’s not been more creative and funny in the marketplace.

The key to growing your business is Hot Buttons and Innovations.

That’s the key that makes the difference with everything.  If you want to be a hero and a rock star in your marketplace and stop competing on price, the key is implementing communication and innovations based on Hot Buttons.

It’s more important than anything you can ever do.

When we talk about marketing, it’s important you understand the difference between strategic and tactical marketing.

Strategic marketing is the plan you have to enter the market place. It’s the idea or strategy behind your business. It’s what you say, how you say it and who you say it to. It dictates what you’re going to do.

It’s not the design of the ad…it’s the purpose of the ad.

Think of apple.


Their strategy is to make the very best consumer products on the planet to delight their customers. That’s their strategy. That’s not their mission statement …it’s a marketing strategy. Everything else falls in behind this.

Most companies don’t have a marketing strategy. They want to get more customers and make more money. But they don’t know how and they end up feeling stuck. So many business crash when their industry struggles.

Tactical marketing is the purchasing of advertising through mediums like Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, newspapers ads, radio spots, TV Ad’s etc.

It’s also design, its websites, mobile websites etc. In your business, it’s most likely you have dealt with people in this area.

Tactical Marketing is what most people think of when they think of marketing. There is little or no growth to be made in your business just implementing tactics. But the right strategy will destroy the right tactic’s everyday. But when they are combined your a super power that can’t be beaten.

People’s Hot Buttons

I’m sure you’ve heard about hot buttons before but I need to define it for you as it’s often misunderstood.

A hot button is anything that is important or relevant to your customer.

If you want to sell anything to anybody you need to sell them something they care about and are interested in. It sounds obvious but I promise it’s why businesses struggle to bring in new business because they are not using hot buttons.

There are only 3 hot buttons:
• Benefits
• Objections
• Competition.

You emphasise the benefits, invalidate the objections and show how you are better than your competition.

Businesses get advertising wrong because they use pattern interrupt to get somebody’s attention to sell them something. It’s not wrong to interrupt somebody. In fact it’s what we mean by ‘Capture’ which is the first step in Strategic Messaging Formula.

So what’s the problem?

It’s the lack of use of hot buttons. It causes a disconnect.

If you look at most marketing and advertising today, it’s based on entertainment.

If what you say in your marketing and advertising is not important or relevant to the customer, then it’s not a hot button.

Taking action is where money is made and how your business grows.

In today’s market, Apple sells over prices products to a consumer market and they have queues of people waiting for their product. Steve Jobs built Apple around Hot Buttons.

People care about the benefits of the product or service, their internal objections or your competition.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a house, a car, a face lift, a root canal, a tractor, an internet product or an insurance policy; your customers are only interested in their hot buttons.

They don’t care about how long you’re in business, if you’re experienced and professional etc…because they’re not important to your potential customers.

If you get this you’ll be the prettiest girl at the dance. You’ll be the only one producing results.

Action Time:

In order to implement this, let’s go through an exercise so you can implement the first of your prospects hot buttons which is benefits. So answer the following:

What are the reasons why somebody would want to buy whatever it is that you sell?
What real benefits do your customers get from your products / services?
What results or expectations are reasonable for your customers to have when buying or using your products / services?

The answers to these questions will show you what your customer cares about when they buy your product or service.

Now remember it must be what your customer wants, not what you want.

So for example, lets say you make tractors to rival John Deer…the reason somebody buys from you instead of John Deer is your cheaper right? Wrong.

If you build your business based on thinking people just want the lowest price, your business is going to struggle. That’s not why people buy a John Deer.

So the question here is not why they would buy from you…its why would they buy your product / service in the first place.

So back to the example…the benefits of a tractor is to:
• Do less manual work,
• Make more money,
• Plough bigger fields,
• Plant more crops.

They’re benefits of a tractor. Cheaper is not a benefit.

For sake of time, I won’t review the other hot buttons right now but we can talk about those at another time.

Do you think your customers only want the lowest price?

It’s funny when speaking to business owners when I ask them questions as a consumer of other products.

When I ask this question, the most common response is their marketplace just wants the lowest price. This of course is not true.

I’ll prove it to you. Answer these 2 questions:
• The last product or service of significant value you bought, what was it? A car, computer, clothes, a business?

• Did you made this purchase based on it being the lowest price?

Nobody makes buying decisions based on the lowest price. If you think that way as a business owner you will commoditise your product or service.

Your now more educated on Hot Buttons and how they can grow your business than any of your competitors. Now the question is, what are you going to do about it?

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We go through a serious of scientifically based questions designed to get all the information from your business to be able to build the strategic marketing system so you stand out in your marketplace and no longer need to compete on price.

Facebook Ad - Mobile Strategy

You see this iPhone. It’s a pretty simple looking devise isn’t it? It just has a screen and one button. It looks unassuming and simple. You know why? Because Apple spent billions with the best of people in their fields to come up with this simple devise.

Behind the simple glass screen there is a complexity that most humans couldn’t imagine. In fact I predict this type of devise is a major part of your life.

The process we go through is the same. It appears simple but it has taken years to build a scientifically based document to get businesses results.

The marketing leverage analysis is like the one button on the iPhone. It will appear simple and painless for you and it will open up a new world of profits and growth opportunities for you.

I hope you take me us up on the opportunity to review your current marketing and create a strategy that serves your company for years to come.

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