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The top 3 Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) have a combined 1 billion active users. Social networks have changed the way people research and make buying decisions. When leveraged in your favor, you’ll have the opportunity to build more trust, respect, and credibility than ever before. Imagine being able to have feedback on how to improve your business and sell more on a daily basis. Imagine being able to turn every customer into a potential raving fan who will advertise for you. We make it happen, and we do it all for you.

YouTube receives in excess of 4 Billion views each day and it’s increasing. 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. YouTube has become a dominant search engine to answer your customers questions and problems. YouTube videos dominate Page 1 of Google for relevant searches also making it a double win-win for your Business. YouTube videos can be shared through social networks and can now play on Home TV’s. Your audience and customers are there waiting for relevant content to bring them to your door.

inLinkedIn has over 200 million members, and your Business has the opportunity to leverage this audience. LinkedIn is the perfect marketing tool to network with successful high profile individuals. It is the 13 most visited website in the world. LinkedIn’s advertising platform provides the opportunity to drive floods of traffic to your website and create a Sales process to boost revenue.

fbFacebook users spend over 700 BILLION minutes a month on facebook. This provides a valuable source of leads for your Business. Facebook can attract highly-targeted prospects who want to do Business with you and your trusted Brand. Facebook offers social proof via testimonials. Your Business has the opportunity to grow a vibrant community of fans for your Products and Services.

Google+ offers the benefits of ensuring all your followers will see your information and updates. Did you know that the majority of your friends and followers on facebook can’t see your updates? Google is the dominant search engine and it is focused and dedicated to growing the Google+ platform. Google controls the flow of traffic for the internet marketing segment of your business which means, it can direct traffic to your Google+ account anytime it wants. Google+ signifies passions. You will find people that are passionate about your Business and engage them in a way no other platform can.

The key to social media is to use the right medium for the right job.