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Do you always feel forced into a price-competitive situation in your industry? Do you feel like your customers only care about price? Are you always cutting your profits so that you can match a competitor’s price? If so, pay close attention to what I’m about to show you because I’m about to explain the biggest reason for that problem.

So here’s the deal, there are 3 Forbidden Phrases that you should never use in your marketing and advertising: these are phrases or statements that include platitudes. Now, let me give you the definition of a platitude.

A platitude is defined as “words or phrases that are drearily commonplace and predictable that lack power to evoke interest through overuse or repetition, that nevertheless are stated as though they were original or significant.”

These are words and phrases like: highest quality, biggest selection, largest inventory, best service, been in business since 1776 BC, family owned, gets the job done right the first time, fast, residential and commercial, free estimates, locally owned and operated, #1 in satisfaction, we’re better, why pay more, lowest prices, we care, conveniently located, professional, experienced, affordable, board certified, accredited, we’re different, advanced techniques, call today, dependable, etc.

Now look, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t actually be these kinds of things, but I am saying that they are all platitudes. Every one of those statements and phrases are drearily commonplace and predictable, they lack power to evoke interest through overuse or repetition, and they were nevertheless stated as though they were original or significant. They’re all platitudes, my friend.

We’ve created another video for you, that you can watch by clicking this link: 3 Forbidden Phrases. In that video I’ll take you through 3 platitude evaluations so you can objectively determine which words and phrases in your marketing and advertising are actual platitudes.

The place you will see these platitudes most often and where it is hurting your business is your website.

#1 Website Mistake – Lack of Strategic Marketing Content

Your website is the foundation for your business. Most web companies don’t provide content for your website. In fact, they usually ask you to provide them with the text and content for your website because they are just designers, and not focused on business growth strategies.

When content is produced for you, it always contain 3 Forbidden Phrases which cause terrible results. You might have a good looking website but it doesn’t grow your business. You see, the most marketing leverage available in your website is in the content. Your website is the foundation for your business. It’s what the outside world see and it creates the external perception of your business.

We take our clients through an advanced, scientifically based consultative process to create a strategic marketing message so that your customers and prospects buy from you and not your competitors.

Capture and Connect With Emotional Hot Buttons

I’m sure you’ve heard about hot buttons before but it’s often misunderstood. ‘’A hot button is anything that is important or relevant to your customer.‘’

There are only 3 types of hot buttons. Which means there is basically only 3 ways to sell something. Those 3 hot button categories are benefits, objections & competition.

You emphasise the benefits, invalidate the objections & highlight where your better than your competition.

If you want to sell anything to anybody you need to sell them something they are interested in. It sounds obvious but I promise it’s why businesses struggle to bring in new business because they are not using hot buttons.

It’s said that humans act from 2 drives: Desire for Gain / Fear of Loss

Most marketers and businesses get their marketing and advertising wrong because they use pattern interrupt and forget these human drives. The problem is not the pattern interrupt, it’s the lack of use of hot buttons. It causes a disconnect.

If it’s not important or relevant to the customer, then it’s not a hot button. A major mistake I see is business owners coming up with hot buttons for themselves and not for their customer. They try to pitch what is relevant to them but it’s not relevant to the customer.

It doesn’t matter what you sell, your customers are only interested in their hot buttons. If you get this you’ll be the prettiest girl at the dance because you’ll be the only one producing results.

In order to implement this, go through the following exercise:


The answers to these questions will start to show you what your customer cares about when they buy your product or service.

Now remember it must be what your customer wants, not what you want.

Nobody makes buying decisions based on the lowest price. If you think that way as a business owner you will commoditise your product or service.

Is the philosophy and thinking behind your website correct?

People talk about design usability, coding, colours etc. All thats secondary.

If you look at google, it’s the worst looking website on the planet. It’s a white background with colours that make no sense. But the function drives online activity. It’s proven with google’s revenue and business market positioning.

Here is an example of focusing only on design and not strategy. This is what the competition looked like before apple brought out their iphone.

iPhone Image v2.002

Then apple came in and brought out a better functioning phone. Then the competition copied their design. It then looked like this.

iPhone Image v2.003

But these companies didn’t copy the strategy and philosophy. This is not saying apple is brilliant and there is no flaws. But the overall experience is different. So the question is: Would you rather have a website that looks pretty or a website that grows your business?

Once you stop thinking about design and focus on Hot Buttons, consider the following questions:
‘’Why did a person come to my website?’’
‘’How did they get here?’’

If you bring people to your website and they don’t find what they think they are due to get they will leave. Businesses try to force feed people. You need to think about the customer. Give them what they want. You might want to bring them to point B and they want to go to point A. Let them go to point A. Provide a clear information pathway that facilitates the buying decision.

What’s the Goal of Your Website?

The goal of your website is to make more money, make more sales, build bigger lists, increase market penetration, add leverage to your brand & drive dominance in your industry. In order to succeed with a website, you need to empty your mind about design. It’s almost irrelevant. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s subjective.

The purpose of any website is to FACILITATE the customers buying decision. Everything on the website needs to adhere to that.

When people visit a website they have no idea who you are, what you do and why they should do business with you instead of somebody else. We have a specific strategy used by businesses around the world that get incredible results that solves this problem and I can show you how.

Your now more educated on what your website strategy should be to grow your business than any of your competitors. Now the question is, what are you going to do about it?

If you would like more help from here at Power Performance Marketing, you can apply for a Website Leverage Analysis.

We go through a serious of scientifically based questions designed to get all the information from your business to be able to build the strategic marketing system so you stand out in your marketplace and no longer need to compete on price.

Facebook Ad - Mobile Strategy

You see this iPhone. It’s a pretty simple looking devise isn’t it? It just has a screen and one button. It looks unassuming and simple. You know why? Because Apple spent billions with the best of people in their fields to come up with this simple devise.

Behind the simple glass screen there is a complexity that most humans couldn’t imagine. In fact I predict this type of devise is a major part of your life.

The process we go through is the same. It appears simple but it has taken years to build a scientifically based document to get businesses results.

The website leverage analysis is like the one button on the iPhone. It will appear simple and painless for you and it will open up a new world of profits and growth opportunities for you.

I hope you take me us up on the opportunity to review your current marketing and create a strategy that serves your company for years to come.

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