Your Marketing Objectives Are Our Goals

Power Performance Marketing has a core focus in working with gyms and personal trainers just like you. Using proven methods, we deliver impeccable services, results and business growth for our clients. Want to find out more?

Some of our past clients

'Power Performance Marketing and it's services have been instrumental in helping to grow my sports business gaining me more customers' - Director Of All Sports UK Chris Stock.

'I would recommend Power Performance Marketing's service. They helped me out with starting my business through an affordable well structured service. The price is very reasonable considering the quality of knowledge to assist me in growing my business to the next level.'

Power Performance Marketing has deep expertise in partnering with gyms and personal trainers. We are known for our proven methods that take the "guess work" out of social media marketing and turn it into a predictable revenue source that helps grow our clients businesses.

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 The Services We Offer

 Our Lead Generation Service ensures that new customers are connected to your brand through a variety of ways.

Paid Advertising

Adverts are the foundation to any business. At Power Performance Marketing we have a track record of attracting new customers to our clients businesses through advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.


At Power Performance Marketing we utilise funnelling to outline the customers journey on their path to purchase. This helps us to understand and connect with customers along their journey. Giving our clients a greater understanding of their target audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is used by us to engage with the gyms and personal trainers audience through sending promotional and informational content. We work close with our clients to create brand awareness that overall generates more sales.

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