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PPM has innovated the modern go to market strategy for businesses. We have a core focus in working with gyms and Personal Trainers to help drive sustainable revenue growth in an economical way so that our clients see a continuous return on investment.

Behind Power Performance Marketing

The decision to start Power Performance Marketing stemmed from a profound personal belief in the transformative power of fitness and wellness. My own journey towards a healthier lifestyle revealed to me how small changes could lead to monumental shifts in overall happiness and fulfilment. Motivated by this transformation, I set out on a mission to empower others to discover similar joy and vitality.

However, I soon realised that many remarkable gyms were struggling to reach their full potential. Despite offering life-changing services, they often went unnoticed in the crowded digital landscape. This realisation ignited a new passion within me – the desire to leverage social media's power to amplify the voices of gyms and connect them with their ideal audience.

Thus, Power Performance Marketing was born, fuelled by a relentless commitment to support and elevate brands making a difference in people's lives.

We Have Worked with Microenterprise's to Medium Size Businesses:

'The service I have received from Sam has been exemplary.

My website is the best way I have to find new clients and Power Performance have done a fantastic job of updating the content, layout and design.

I'm more than happy with the results and the whole experience in general. Sam was easy to work with, clear in his communication and provided great value for money.

A five star review is well deserved.'-  Matt Parsons Owner of Matt Parsons Personal Training.

The Modern Revenue Growth Approach

Website development: We can help your brand look great online. We create easy to use, simple websites to get your business noticed.

Paid advertising: We can help you identify and get in front of your ideal client / buyer profile - with the most economical and widest reaching platforms available today.

Email marketing: Email marketing can be your brand secret weapon - constantly keeping customers and potentioal leads up to date with your business. 

Funnel creation: We create you a simple funnel that captures your leads and converts them into clients.

Social media managment: We make social media easy. We handle the posting, content creation managing your community for you so we can build your brand.

A 3rd Party Demand Generation Firm That Delivers

'Power Performance Marketing is one of the best services around when it comes to growing your audience and developing your website and social media platforms. Sam is a hard working, dedicated, and trust worthy individual who wants nothing but the best from the businesses he works with.

Would highly recommend Power Performance Marketing for anything marketing and business related.' - Director Of All Sports UK Chris Stock.

Our Simple Process To Grow Your Business

We take an individualised approach to helping your business grow from discovery to scale we are with you every step of the way.

Step 1 - Discovery Call

We get an understanding of your specific business and your specific goals

Step 2 - Custom Plan

We put together a custom plan specific to your goals

Step 3 - Revenue Growth

We get to work driving sustainable revenue growth for your business

Why do Clients Love PPM?

Demand Generation Strategy

Have one agency that manages your entire lead generation stratergy. Bringing in new leads so you can do what you do best. Run your business. 

Increased ROI

We will assess your current marketing strategies make recommendations on the most economical solutions to add to your portfolio, and increase utilisation on your existing investments.

Consistent Results

Demand generation doesn't need to be a guessing game. With the right strategist and experience, lead generation becomes a lever that you can pull. 

Trusted Partner to Generating More Leads

Power Performance Marketing are known for our proven methods that take the "guess work" out of social media marketing and turn it into a predictable revenue source that helps grow our clients businesses.

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